2D/3D/4D carbon fiber 2018-10-03T23:25:28+01:00

Carbon fibre vinyl film is a high quality three-dimensional textured vinyl (3D, 4D carbon fiber) that closely resembles the look of real carbon fibre. The weave reflects light the same way that carbon fibre would. It has a self-adhesive back and will stick to pretty much any surface, but also can be removed and re-applied numerous times without losing its adhesion.

Carbon fibre vinyl film is also water resistant and UV stable, so applying it to exterior surfaces such as a hood, spoiler, or the whole car is not an issue. This product is made with automotive grade premium high quality cast vinyl that is used for wraps and conforms to the most challenging contours and shapes. There are different colours available: white, silver, gun metall grey, red, blue, green, pink, purple, orange, yellow, black.