A full wrap in many ways is better than spray painting:

– If you want to protect the paintwork of a brand new car.  After 3,4,5 years take the vinyl off and sell a fresh and spotless car.

– If you get bored of the look of your car and want to have some different colour. Wrapping will not devalue the car like respray, because it is not permanent coating and can be removed. You don’t need to change the car – just change the colour!

– If existing paintwork/bodywork is in bad condition. Instead of painting a car much easier and
quicker to wrap it and get all the benefits of vinyl wrap!

– If you are looking for some special effects colours like carbon fiber, leather finish, brushed aluminium, chrome etc. Which can’t be achieved in spray painting.

Quick repair in future. For example the front wing can be re-wrapped in 40-50 minutes with 100% colour match.
The vinyl wrap is very easy to clean, it is waterproof, can be buffed, polished and waxed like usual paintwork.