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Our special automotive vinyl wrap is very easy to clean, it is waterproof, can be machine buffed, polished and waxed like usual paintwork.

A full wrap in many ways is better than spray painting:

– If you want to protect the paintwork of a brand new car.  After 3,4,5 years take the vinyl off and sell a fresh and spotless car.

– If you get bored of the look of your car and want to have some different colour. Wrapping will not devalue the car like respray, because it is not permanent coating and can be removed. You don’t need to change the car – just change the colour!

– If existing paintwork/bodywork is in bad condition. Instead of painting a car much easier and
quicker to wrap it and get all the benefits of vinyl wrap!

– If you are looking for some special effects colours like carbon fiber, leather finish, brushed aluminium, chrome etc. Which can’t be achieved in spray painting.

Quick repair in future. For example the front wing can be re-wrapped in 40-50 minutes with 100% colour match.
The vinyl wrap is very easy to clean, it is waterproof, can be buffed, polished and waxed like usual paintwork.

See our gallery and available colours for wrapping.

Important. There is a huge difference in a SIGN WRAP and COLOUR CHANGE wrap.

COLOUR CHANGE WRAP has pretty much the same vinyl application technique as a sign wrap, but the finish is completely different. When you look at the finished wrapped car you will never notice that it is a wrap with a smooth and uniform finish, no joints, perfect corners, wrapped gaps etc. We wrap every single body panel separately to give a perfect finish. Some parts may need to be removed, wrapped and re-mounted to get a top class job. Our professional mechanic carefully removes necessary parts from the vehicle and our Team of wrap experts apply the vinyl directly to the surface of the vehicle. Our experts ensure to apply the vinyl with no bubbles, dust or creases. The combined skill of the Team gives an amazing and very reliable finish better then spray painting.

SIGN WRAP is a quick vinyl application for advertisement purposes. Usually it is multicolored image printed on the vinyl, over laminated and then applied on the vehicle. Sometimes there is no need to remove door handles, trims, lights from the vehicle, because vinyl will be cut around them. Often you can see vinyl joints on the car, the old colour behind door handles, some unwrapped parts etc. The main target of a sign wrap is to advertise, so that’s why this is very good additional opportunity for businesses to get their brand developed.

About wrapping:

A full wrap is done by using special automotive PVC vinyl which is directly applied to the body of the car and panels. Due to modern technology a full wrap can easily be done to your car and people will never be able to tell whether it is a wrap or paint. Colour change wrap gives to your car perfect, smooth and uniform finish.

Our high quality vinyl is wide enough to get all panels wrapped with no joints. In order to make the wrap to look 100%, each panel of the car is wrapped separately. By wrapping around each panel separately we can prevent visible edges and also give a reliable finish with 3 years warranty.

We have specialized and experienced mechanics that help in detaching necessary parts carefully then our wrappers do their job. The Professional wrapping team makes sure that no bubbles and creases retain.