Exterior trim wrap 2018-03-06T01:40:59+00:00

The vinyl can also be applied on vehicles outside trim such as: chrome window surround, grills, pillars, mouldings, side mirror covers, plastic arches, spoilers, diffusers etc.

Very popular is dechroming or chrome delete. It is when the existing chrome trim around windows and the grill surround wrapped in black (matt or gloss) vinyl, aka Shadowline for BMW or Black edition for Audi. This makes the car to look more sporty, higher spec. and modern. Audi RS3, S4, RS4, RS6, BMW M3, M5 etc. most of them have a black trim. The exterior trim wrap last 7+ years and looks like the OEM finish. If your car trim is dull or faded from the car wash chemicals-Vinyl wrap is the best solution too, as it will never fade.

For example the genuine “shadowline” pack from BMW can cost 700Eur approx with no fitting.

The wrap can be done about 5 times cheaper, takes 1,5-2 hours to do and if you want to restore the original look of the car – just remove the vinyl!